About Us

About Loyola CIS

Our Centre is co-located with St Ignatius Parish, Norwood and occupies rooms where St Mary of the Cross MacKillop spent time in prayer during part of her time residing in Adelaide. The focus of Loyola is to provide opportunities for people to reflect freely on how God is present in their lives and the world and to create space for authentic response to that presence. To help us to do this we offer a variety of experiences bearing in mind ‘It is not much knowledge that fills and satisfies the soul but the intimate understanding and relish of things’ (St. Ignatius in the Spiritual Exercises). All spiritual direction and accompaniment, personal individually directed retreats, days of reflection and group programs are conducted in the quiet surroundings of our our Centre in Norwood. Our extended live-in retreats are held at the Sevenhill Centre of Ignatian Spirituality and St Joseph’s Retreat House at Largs Bay.

The Loyola Team

Wayne Brabin (Director) is married with 4 grown up children and has an extensive human resource and human development background. He is a trained spiritual director and experienced retreat guide whose particular interests are in offering spiritual formation and leadership support to those working in education and in adapting the Spiritual Exercises in all forms for men, for parishes and for others ‘on the margins’.

Judy Backstrom is a trained spiritual director with a background of working with people with anxiety disorders. She has worked with people using creativity and images to assist with their transformative journey and has a particular interest in accompanying and supporting people ‘on the margins’.

Stephanie Brabin is a wife and mother, a trained spiritual director, and an experienced retreat guide and a giver of the Spiritual Exercises. She has an extensive background in pastoral care support in the health care sector. Stephanie is a member of the national Arrupe Spiritual Direction Training Program team and the coordinator of the Arrupe program in South Australia. She has a particular passion for accompanying others on their spiritual journey and supporting those in formation.

Val De Brenni is a trained spiritual director and supervisor and is Director of the Ecumenical Spiritual Direction Training Program offered by the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide. She has a special interest in the spiritual formation of teachers and leaders in Catholic schools and is a Covenant Josephite.

Paris Huffman  is married with 3 grown up children and is the SA Chairperson of the Christian Life Community. She has an extensive background as a primary school teacher and in Ignatian spirituality, particularly as giver of the First Spiritual Exercises. She has a particular interest in assisting those seeking to ‘find God in all things’.

Jan Sobotta is a trained spiritual director and experienced retreat guide and is also involved with the Arrupe spiritual direction training program in South Australia and a giver of the Spiritual Exercises. She has a special interest in offering Retreats in Daily Life and Prayer Reflection in parishes and communities, as well as individually guided retreats and supporting others with their spiritual formation.

Julie Tranfa is married with 3 children and is a trained spiritual director. She has a background of involvement in many aspects of parish ministry and is the SA State Coordinator of the First Spiritual Exercises team. Her deepest desire is to nourish people’s faith by giving the spiritual exercises in all forms, retreats and days of reflection.

Elaine Treagus RSM is a trained spiritual director and, as a member of the Loyola Outreach Team, is involved in facilitating Retreats in Daily Life and Prayer Reflection in Parishes. She had extensive experience in Social Work, with particular interests in Family Therapy and Grief and Bereavement counselling, and later in ministry as a Parish Pastoral Associate. She sees her work experience as a progression from a focus on people's relationship with each other, to a primary focus on their relationship with God.

Outreach Team

Cynthia Griffin RSM, Judy Foster, Angela Hazebroek, Annette Heinemann, Anne Maloney, Margaret McCulloch, Vin O’Loughlin, Rev Anthony Price, Rev Deirdre Ragless, Margaret van der Linden, John van der Linden, Dulcie Wong, Jeff Wright.